• PATCH 02.02.2019

    Please restart your clients and Community Servers to make sure they receive the latest update to the game.


    • Removed network congestion from big buildings, reducing lag
    • Disabled random NPC taunts during combat
    • Fixed an issue with some players getting stuck after character creation
    • Fixed a bug where loading screens disappear (showing main menu or the world)
    • Fixed incorrect settings on port values for servers, making it less likely you will be disconnected when entering a new server
    • Added a “Show full servers” checkbox to the server window
    • Introduced a possible fix for building pieces not loading properly
    • Graphics driver check on startup, encouraging you to update if needed
    • Several other minor tweaks and improvements

    We thank you for your patience as we continue to improve and update Conan Exiles.

  • Changelog:

    • Network usage optimizations
    • Server Performance optimizations
    • Server memory usage optimizations
    • Upgraded from sqlite 3.9.2 to 3.16.2
    • Players with high strength should now be able to knock out NPCs with the truncheon instead of killing them.
    • The Cutlass and Falcata should not be able to damage T1 buildings anymore.
    • Players should now be able to join password protected games from Steam Server List.
    • Fixed steam://connect/ip handling - Steam connect works now so that sites such as www.topconanservers.com should work properly now.
    • Fixed an issue in the Land Claim system that could allow players to build too close to other players. This may result in some lost building pieces if they overlap into land that had already been claimed by another player.
    • We have had some issues with the game state getting corrupt on servers in certain cases. We have made the interactions with the game database more robust, and added regular checks for its integrity during runtime. We have also fixed some cases where this would happen, but are still investigating if there are other potential occurrences.

    As counter measures to the system, and since already corrupted databases will not be automatically recoverable we have implemented a recovery system:

    On server startup, if the game encounters a corrupted Database it will attempt to recover to the last database backup that is not corrupted. This will make the status of the game be reverted to a previous working world state, which may result in loss of progression. To help with this, the game will now creating database backups much more often.

    These are temporary measures while we keep working to eliminate the database corruption altogether.

    A new patch has been released!

    Please restart your game to make sure you have the latest version!

    Due to an issue, all server admins are recommended to change their server's administrator password as soon as their servers are updated to the latest version.


    Performance and Tech Fixes
    The game should now start more quickly

    General Bug Fixes and Improvements
    Explosive jars should no longer be stackable on top of each other

    The building placement previews are visible once again in Local play

    Character Rubberbanding has been reduced

    Placeables should no longer lose items stored inside them

    Console command 'Walk' can now only be used by admins in order to fix an exploit

    The 'History' filter is back and should now function as intended

    Dropping multiple items from inventory should no longer turn them invisible

    Using "Loot All" option on corpses and loot bags should now work correctly

    Balance and Gameplay Fixes
    Waterskins can once again be refilled from the river

    Inverted Wooden Roof Wedge and Stonebrick Frame now require Journeyman Craftsman instead of Master Craftsman

    Hyenas and spiders are now less dangerous

    Fast attacks with Two-handed hammers have been temporarily disabled

    Caves near the starting area no longer cause Corruption

    The gods of Exiles now prevent you from harvesting the same player corpse for 30 minutes. Attempting to do so will show a "Rigor Mortis" message

    If you activate a mod that requires a restart then the game will inform you

    Renamed DevKit button to "Conan Exiles Dev Kit"

    Fixed Crash when opening the shortcut bar in DevKit

    Fixed possible issue with server admin passwords. All server admins should change their admin passwords as quickly as possible following this patch.

    Fixed broken mods loading after last patch

    Known Issues
    We are aware of some issues with Explosive Jars. We expect to have fixes for these next week.

    We are also aware of the existence of issues with related to jump "boosting" or jump-crouching. We have a fix and expect to roll it out soon.

    We are aware that players may occasionally be sent to the Main Menu while loading and can interact with the menu. We are working on a fix.

    Thank you!

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