Patch Notes for Live (18.05.2018)

  • To start with, you may notice these notes aren’t as long as the ones recently pushed on TestLive. This is because the branch on TestLive requires a little more testing due to the changes and fixes made. However, we did want to roll out the AFK system and crash fixes before the weekend. So here we are! This is version 97865/17844


    • Localization fixes - text spills are now fixed for several item descriptions
    • Various crash fixes
    • Introduced the new AFK system - players will be kicked after 30 mins of inactivity

    Server admins can use the following server settings for the AFK kicker:

    • KickAFKPercentage = 80 (integer value, between 0 and 100)
    • KickAFKTime = 2700 (integer value, in seconds)

    In addition to rolling out new and various servers, this AFK system should help with freeing up space to those who want to get on a particular server. Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback on this or anything else you see! After further testing has been done, we’ll roll out another patch with the other fixes from TestLive.


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