Patch Notes for Live (15.05.2018)

  • Hey all! Thank you so much for your continued feedback and reports. We will continue to roll out patch for all platforms to improve the game. Fixes include:

    • Redshell plugin removed
    • Server browser: PvP-F now shows as PvE-C
    • Fixed a crash in character creation
    • Fixed a problem where health went back to max after taking damage
    • Fixed auto-lock and dodging sometimes happening on the spot
    • Blunted Javelin no longer does concussion damage in melee (only throwing)
    • Elixirs and some other buffs no longer get cancelled as if they were healing buffs
    • Fixed a crash caused by lootbags
    • Fixed a crash that could happen when building near destroyed placeables
    • Fixed a crash in the decay system

    In addition, South American servers #1976, #1986, #1996 have been moved to a new data center with better hardware successfully and are back up.


    This is a message for everyone who has had issues with their servers having really long loading times and respawns taking several minutes. This is especially an issue for servers running on machines without an SSD.

    We have discovered an issue with the unconscious bodies that are loaded on a server restart. It is causing heavy load on the game database.

    If you are having these issues, we suggest you turn off the unconscious bodies by adding the following to your servers ServerSettings.ini


    We will be turning this off for all our official servers until a patch with a fix is ready. At which point we will remind you to turn it back on.…etail/3142828447752089140